Got Your Back Collective Statement

March 16, 2008 at 12:54 am (Announcements and Advisories, Marie Mason)

With all thats been going on its hard to comprehend its only been 5 days
since our friend Marie was kidnapped from us. Over the past few days we
have have received an avalanche of emails, phone calls, and even a few
visits seeking details on Marie and her case. In order to better utilize
our energy and support efforts for Marie we will continue to release
updates and information through public statements that will be
disseminated through the and We encourage folks to contact us with their own
support ideas, projects, and offers to help but due tho the sheer volume
will likely be unable to answer each individual question put to us.

Got Your Back, the loosely based collective formed to support Marie. We
all agree on one thing we want Marie home and back into our community
yesterday. She is our friend and we got her back. That being said it is
important to note that we do not claim to speak for Marie in any shape,
way, or form.

We do not want to imply in anyway that the other known four are somehow
undeserving of support. Preliminary reports suggest they are all standing
strong and we hope to make contact with them soon. We also hope to see
others help fill the void of support for Frank, Aren, and Stephanie.
Strong support now will help them better face any coming stress and
hardships. Its important that we do not allow the state to isolate our
brothers and sisters. If you are organizing such support please let us
know we would love to share resources, combine and coordinate our efforts.
If we have ANY confirmed information about anyone in this case we will
make that public without delay. At this time we have no such relevant

Understand that we have to be very mindful of what we say. Regardless of
their accuracy or relevance prosecutors have used statements made by
supporters against activists in bail hearings, during trials, and at
sentencing. To get a reminder of the lengths to which the state will go, recall
that the Federal prosecutor using song lyrics from a CD insert against Sadie
and Exile during the west coast Green Scare trials. In the face of another
round of government repression let us not practice in the politics of
shadiness. We cannot emphasize the point enough that we want to encourage
people to avoid any speculation, rumors or hearsay. The FBI has already
attempted to spread disinformation amongst supporters when they contacted
a Cincy local claiming to be passing on information on Marie’s behalf. We
understand people have questions. Believe me we have questions too, but
the best thing everyone can do for Marie right now is channel your energy
into the various support efforts and projects. If you have not written
Marie yet please take the time to do so, and if you have, please write her again.
In a recent phone call Marie wanted to express thanks for the outpouring of
support and wanted to let everyone know that she loves you all.

Love and Rage,

Got Your Back
Friends of Marie Mason
P.O. Box 19065
Cincinnati, OH 45219

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