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April 24, 2008 at 2:42 am (Announcements and Advisories, Marie Mason)

Marie Mason was arrested and charged with ELF activities in Michigan
dating back almost a decade. As many of you already know Marie has since
been released on an unsecured bond and has been under house arrest for
over a month now awaiting trial. Marie’s attorney petitioned the court to
serve her house arrest in her own community of Cincinnati, OH, where her
young daughter, close friends, animal companions, and support crew are
located. The court denied her request citing she “did not have sufficient
property interests in Cincinnati”. She is required to serve her house
arrest in the western district of Michigan.

While house arrest is no where near as bad as incarceration it still has
its own bag of stresses and hardships. We are encouraging folks to
continue to send Marie letters of support. House arrest does not have any
silly jail rules like what type of ink or paper you use so get creative.
Letters, Photos, Art, videos, collages, vegan baked goods and vegan
recipes are all welcome. Email letters of support are also welcome and can
be sent to and will be forwarded to Marie.

We want to be clear though Marie’s needs and isolation in this respect are
not as pressing as some of the other Green Scare prisoners who are
currently incarcerated. If you are only going to write just one letter we
at Got Your back encourage you to send it to one of the following below.
Tre has been locked up almost four years awaiting trial, Both Briana and
Eric are locked down awaiting sentencing and Sadie and Exile are serving
7+ years for Green Scare related actions.

Briana Waters –
Eric McDavid –
Sadie and Exile –
Tre Arrow –

If you or your collective would like to support Marie in the above
mentioned way please send all letters/care packages to her support crews
address below and we will forward it on to Marie.

Love and Rage,
Got Your Back
Friends of Marie Mason
P.O.B. 19065
Cincinnati, OH 45219
updates are being posted at

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