Aaron Ellringer Takes Cooperating Plea Agreement

November 10, 2008 at 12:13 am (Announcements and Advisories, Rhinelander)

We are disheartened to write that Aaron Ellringer, indicted in the Rhinelander case because of the activities of Snitch Ian Wallace, has himself turned snitch and taken a cooperating plea agreement.  The agreement- viewable here: ellringer-plea–  reduces his own charge to a misdemeanor and requires that he testify fully and truthfully as to his “involvement in criminal conduct, as well as to the involvement of all other individuals known to [him].”  Over the past several months, we made the decision to refrain from commenting on Aaron’s status as much as possible in order to respect his desire not to be publicly associated with radical eco-movement. We did that on the understanding that he was not intending to cooperate with the State.  Unfortunately, we were proven wrong.

Aaron Ellringer- who lives in Eau Claire, WI, and works at Just Local Foods, a cooperative grocery store- will be sentenced on December 9th. At this time, we expect Bryan Rivera and Katherine Christianson to go to trial in this case on December 1st, making it clear that Aaron’s level of cooperation in their trial will be a deciding factor in his sentencing the week after.

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