TX/MN Grand Jury Subpoenas Withdrawn

November 17, 2008 at 4:45 am (Announcements and Advisories, Miscellaneous)

We’re happy to write that the “Texas Two”-related grand jury subpoenas of six Texas-based activists have all been withdrawn, meaning that we’re postponing the “People’s Fishing Expedition” till next time the State tries to get up in our business.

While we do not know the official reason behind the retractions at this point, we’d like to speculate that- from the perspective of the State- the strong resistance on the part of the Texas subpoenaed as well as the immediate show of solidarity from folks all over made the whole affair too much trouble for too little return.

For info on the continuing federal case against Bradley Crowder and David McKay, as well as info on other RNC-related cases, see: http://rnc08arrestees.wordpress.com.

Go Movement,

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