Second Person Subpoenaed to IA Grand Jury

November 11, 2009 at 4:04 am (Announcements and Advisories, Events, Grand Juries)

***********Davenport Grand Jury Update***********

A second person, Scott DeMuth of Minneapolis, has been subpoenaed to the federal grand jury in Davenport, Iowa. Scott, along with previously subpoenaed anarchist Carrie Feldman, plans to resist the grand jury. His statement, as well as support info, is below.

November 9, 2009
After leaving my house at 5:50 PM, I was pulled over by several unmarked black sedans. I was approached by Steven Molesky, Special Agent of the Minneapolis Division of the FBI, and served a subpoena for a grand jury in Davenport. The grand jury is scheduled for November 17, 2009, at 9:00 AM at the Davenport Courthouse. Given the recent subpoena of Twin Cities activist Carrie Feldman for the same date and time, I believe these subpoenas are related. While the subject of the investigation has not been disclosed, it seems likely that the grand jury is investigating a 2004 Animal Liberation Front action at the University of Iowa.
Grand juries have been used as an integral tactic in the Green Scare, which is the ongoing repression of both legal and illegal activities of the environmentalist and animal rights/animal liberation movements. During the proceeding, no judge or defense counsel may be present. People subpoenaed to testify may be threatened with up to 18 months imprisonment if they fail to comply. As such, grand juries have often been used as fishing expeditions against activists, accused of breaking no laws, in an attempt to mine for information about others.
A scan of the subpoena will be up on If you have any information about this grand jury or have been subpoenaed as well, please contact Earth Warriors are OK! at 612-29-EWOKS (612-293-9657) or e-mail For further information about the grand jury in Davenport, visit:

Down With Grand Juries! Up the Midwest! Fight the Green Scare!
Yours, Scott
Anpao Duta Okodakciye

***********Solidarity and Events***********

Solidarity rallies are planned in Davenport and Minneapolis on November 17th. We are encouraging people to hold solidarity rallies in their own cities if they can’t make the trip.

Davenport, IA Rally: 8:15am outside the federal courthouse, 131 E. 4th St
Minneapolis Rally: 9am outside the federal courthouse, 300 S 4th St.

If you don’t live in Minneapolis, where will yours be? PDFs of fliers to use are at, and we’re asking people to let us know about other planned solidarity events.

* Also, if you are in Minneapolis, please come to this event on Thursday, November 12th!

Potluck and Discussion about Grand Jury Resistance
November 12, 6:00 P.M. at the Seward Cafe, 2129 E Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN

Come support Carrie and Scott and show that our community will stand together to fight state repression!

At 8:00 there will be a hip-hop show with Testament and Guante.

Some info about Testament:

Testament is an Anarchist hip-hop artist based in ‘Kanada’, and has become well-known in radical communities for spitting revolutionary rhymes at major demonstrations, festivals, anarchist bookfairs, conferences, radical convergences, as well as in the underground hip-hop scene. Here to change hip-hop and steal its soul back from the glorified violence, materialism, sexism, and racism that the music industry creates promotes and markets for their own capitalist purposes, Testament never pulls punches or shies away from spreading confrontational dissent through powerful, thought-provoking rhymes.

Get the flyer at

***********General Support Info***********

There are a number of additional ways you can help and support Carrie and Scott in resisting the grand jury.

* Fundraise!

While fundraising isn’t a huge priority right now, Carrie and Scott are still considering options for their representation, and could require funds to hire a lawyer with grand jury resistance experience. Also, it would be awesome to have money ready to go for commissary if they are taken in to jail.

You can donate via Paypal at

* Spread the word!

Prosecutors love it when grand juries function in their shadowy secretive lairs and no one knows about it except their quivering targets. Fatchance! Much like vampires shriveling up in the light of day, grand juries have been canceled in the past when the harsh light of public outcry has been cast upon them. Any time you hear about grand juries happening, tell people about it! And even if one isn’t happening, tell people about what they are and what they do. Most people have no idea about how they work, and they ways in which they are used to violate our rights and freedoms.

On that note, if anyone is interested in making posters/fliers/pamphlets about it that would be awesome.

* Resist grand juries!

As Carrie said, grand juries only work when we are frightened, complicit, and divided. So don’t be! When the subpoena shows up at your door, put a sabot in the cogs of their repressive system and stand up for what you believe. Don’t let them frighten you, you have an amazing community of support and resistance at your back.

* Organize!

One of the most meaningful ways to support Carrie and Scott is to continue organizing and fighting exploitation and oppression.

Thanks to everyone for your support! We will post updates at as they come.

And as always–stay safe, stay strong and fuck grand juries!

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