Dec. 7: Grand Jury Resistance event w/ Stu Sugarman and Gina Lynn

November 26, 2009 at 4:44 am (Events)

Click here for a .pdf black&white version of the flyer. See below for more info on the speakers.

About Gina Lynn

In 1999,  Gina Lynn was subpoenaed to a grand jury in St. Louis. She refused to cooperate and was jailed for Civil Contempt. She was released after 26 days on hunger strike. Her no compromise, smash grand jury strategy worked! Then in 2004, Gina was subpoenaed to another grand jury, this time in Seattle. After 22 days in jail, again on hunger strike, and being threatened with criminal charges, she took a different approach. While continuing to not implicate others, she avoided a potential 30+ year sentence. Gina’s experience with grand juries show what can work, and what may not work.

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