About EWOK!

The EWOK! (Earth Warriors are OK!), formerly the Twin Cities Eco-Prisoner Support Committee (TCEPSC), formed in October 2006 to provide support to people who are accused or convicted of actions taken in defense of the Earth and its inhabitants. Actions, accusations, or convictions that would warrant support by TCEPSC would include: Earth and animal liberation activity (regardless of whether the “A.L.F.” or “E.L.F.” claimed responsibility), road resistance, communities fighting development, indigenous resistance, anti-fascist, and prisoners from the MOVE family.

Our support is not based on whether people fit a strict ideological checklist but is granted on a case by case basis. We do not impose ideological or lifestyle limits on our support, although we DO NOT support people that provide information to law enforcement or snitch on allies or co-defendants.

Simply, we are a prisoner support group. That’s it. We have no connection to this movement other than our ideological support for actions taken by individuals operating under the E.L.F. and A.L.F. banners. Our support of prisoners is of a wholly separate, legal and aboveground manner.

Most importantly, EWOK! listing or support of an individual DOES NOT– in any way, shape or form– indicate that EWOK! believes a prisoner to be guilty of any alleged crime. Support IS NOT based upon perceived guilt or innocence; nor is it based upon a prisoner’s alleged support of or connection to an underground movement or activity. Listing and support by us, as described above, is based upon one being charged and/ or accused of activity taken in defense of the Earth– not whether or not we believes such allegations to be true.

We welcome feedback and critique on our website as well as our support work. However, we cannot and do not speak for or represent the people we support, so don’t bother with any such inquiries. If you, Corporate Media, want to hear from prisoners and other targets of State Repression, then contact them yourselves- we will not facilitate this process. Other inquiries from alternative, independent and movement media or individuals are encouraged and will be answered promptly.


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